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A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism

C: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism is an electronic journal dedicated to the study of the Jewish and Christian biblical texts. Articles on any aspect of the textual criticism of the Jewish and Christian scriptures (including extracanonical and related literature) are welcome, and contributions that transcend the traditional boundary between textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and New Testament textual criticism are especially encouraged. We would also like to see articles that discuss the relationship between textual criticism and other disciplines.

TC publishes standard scholarly articles (both full-length articles and shorter notes are equally welcome), project reports, and book reviews. In addition, as it develops, the TC home page will provide links to additional resources of interest to biblical textual critics, including text-critical projects, original language texts, interactive interfaces to provide information about sigla used in different editions, and links to other sites of interest.

TC 1 (1996),

TC 2 (1997),

TC 3 (1998),

TC 4 (1999),

TC 5 (2000),

TC 6 (2001),

TC 7 (2002),

TC 8 (2003),

TC 9-10 (2004-2005),

TC 11 (2006),

TC 12 (2007),

TC 13 (2008),

TC 14 (2009).

Key of Byzantine Authors’ Patrology Dorotheos Sholarios 1879.

Full title:
Κλείς πατρολογίας και βυζαντινών συγγραφέων: ήτοι ευρετήριον πάντων των συγγραμμάτων των θείων ημών πατέρων, διδασκάλων και συγγραφέων των περιεχομένων εν τη εν Παρισιοίς εκδοθείση πατρολογία εις τόμους εκατόν εξήκοντα και ένα (1857-1866) υπό Μιγνίου (Migne) εν η προσετέθησαν και τα συγγράμματα επτά βυζαντινών συγγραφέων εκ της Βόννη εκδόσεως, αυτών μόνον μη συμπεριλαμβανομένων εν τη του Μιγνίου έκδοσει / Υπό Δωροθέου Σχολαρίου.

Key of Byzantine Authors’ Patrology: i.e. index of all works of our Holy Fathers, teachers and authors included in the Paris edition of Greek Patrology in 161 volumes published by J.P.Migne, in which there were also annexed the works of seven Byzantine authors from Bonn edition [Bekker edition] as they were excluded by Migne


Dictionnaire Antiques Greques et Romaines

  • N.B. In incomplete pdf format because some pages are damaged, first link contain the missing page per volume, this is the same dictionary post by Pr. Zara, and is the corespondent of german Paulys Realencyclopaedie der classischen Altertumswissenschaft (Pauly-Wissowa). [Paulys Encyclopedia of Classical History]

Tutorial MDZ

Munich Digitisation Centre

The Munich Digitisation Centre (MDZ) handles the digitisation and online publication of the cultural heritage preserved by the Bavarian State Library and by other institutions. It provides one of the largest and fastest growing digital collections in Germany, now comprising 147,179 titles available online. Access is free of charge!

The digitisation policy reflects the traditional special collection fields of the library: History, Classical Antiquity, Eastern Europe, Musicology. It comprises manuscripts, early prints, modern books, maps and photographic collections as well as journals and newspapers.

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Filologia Neotestamentaria


The FILOLOGÍA NEOTESTAMENTARIA journal is the result of initiative taken at the Chair of Greek Philology of the Department of Antiquities of the University of Córdoba. Within its Scope lies every aspect of New Testament Greek philology, namely textual criticism, grammar, semantics, lexicography and eventually semiotics and its relationship with Classical or Hellenistic Greek.

It is published in Córdoba (Spain) by EDICIONES EL ALMENDRO DE CÓRDOBA, SL twice a year (May and Novembre).

Vol 20 (2007)
Vol 19 (2006)
Vol 18 (2005)
Vol 17 (2004)
Vol 16 (2003)
Vol 15 (2002)
Vol 14 (2001)
Vol 13 (2000)
Vol 12 (1999)
Vol 11 (1998)
Vol 10 (1997)
Vol 9 (1996)
Vol 8 (1995)
Vol 7 (1994)



(click on title or image for homepage)

Biblica Published since 1920 by the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, Biblica is a research journal and appears four times a year. It is dedicated to biblical studies on the Old and New Testament, and intertestamentary literature, and covers fields of reseach, such as exegesis, philology, and history.

Now with 6 free avaible volumes in pdf format:

Vol 85 (2004)

Vol 86 (2005)

Vol 87 (2006)

Vol 88 (2007)

Vol 89 (2008)

Vol 90 (2009)

Best Regards!


Augustine – Political Writings

Pages from Augustine - Augustine~ Political Writings (Cambridge Texts In The History Of Political Thought) - 0521441722 - [2001]Augustine – Political Writings.
(click on link for download)

This collection brings together thirty-five letters and sermons of Augustine, bishop of Hippo from 396 to 430, that deal with political matters. The letters and sermons are both practical and principled and treat many essential themes in Augustine’s thought, including the responsibilities of citizenship, the relationship between the church and secular authority, religious coercion, and war and peace. These texts complement Augustine’s classic The City of God against the Pagans (also available in the Cambridge Texts series), and give students direct insight into the political and social world of late antiquity with which Augustine was immediately involved. The slave trade, tax collection, clerical harassment, and murder are amongst the topics with which he deals.

The volume contains clear, accurate modern translations, together with a concise introduction and informative notes designed to aid the student encountering Augustine’s life and thought for the first time.

The publisher does not entitled anyone to make a commercial use of any work shared here!! So, for request the password write at

Please note that i upload for those ho want these books:

Authority and ascetism from Augustine to Gregory The Great.

Athanasius and Constantius. Theology and politics in the Constantian Empire.

The Revelation of the Name YHWH to Moses.

but!–> The publisher does not entitled anyone to make a commercial use of any work shared here!! So, for request the password write at

Many thx to Pr. Stefan Zara & Francisco Arriaga for their help!

The Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology

Coperta - Orthodox Christian Theology[2008] Cunningham, M. & Theokritoff, E. (eds.) –

The Cambridge Companion to Orthodox Christian Theology

(click on link for download)
powered by Cambridge Collections Online © Cambridge University Press, 2009

Orthodox Christian theology is often presented as the direct inheritor of the doctrine and tradition of the early Church. But continuity with the past is only part of the truth; it would be false to conclude that the eastern section of the Christian Church is in any way static. Orthodoxy, building on its patristic foundations, has blossomed in the modern period. This volume focuses on the way Orthodox theological tradition is understood and lived today. It explores the Orthodox understanding of what theology is: an expression of the Church’s life of prayer, both corporate and personal, from which it can never be separated. Besides discussing aspects of doctrine, the book portrays the main figures, themes and developments that have shaped Orthodox thought. There is particular focus on the Russian and Greek traditions, as well as the dynamic but less well-known Antiochian tradition and the Orthodox presence in the West.

( The publisher does not entitled anyone to make a commercial use of any work shared here!! So, for request the passwor write at )