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Dear Friends:

Since the beginning of the PLGO Community, our main intention was provide useful tools and contents to our members, visitors and friends.

This involves a lot of work, and finally the effort of all and each one member of our community.

Starting the online library project in Scribd, we was creating a valuable resource, today visited and known by the academical community, as a rich and a serious source of materials.

This can be only reached with your valuable comments, suggestions and contributions to such project: today we are reaching 1,000,000 of document views, in in only 20 months.

We are sure that we are in the right path. We will still working and looking to increase the strong of our Community as a productive entity, and now seems more realizable to reach our propose to provide a 10,000 volumes online library, to the public the 2015 year.

Thanks Dear Friends, to all of you!

The administrators.

Leal. Test di Patrologia [Online].

Il Prof. Jerónimo Leal è docente di Patrologia e Storia della Chiesa Antica e Direttore del Dipartimento di Storia della Chiesa (Pontificia Università della Santa Croce).

Nato a Madrid (Spagna) e laureato in Lettere Classiche, ha fatto il dottorato nell’Istituto Patristico Augustinianum di Roma con una tesi su Tertulliano.

 The Test has 100 answers, and is totally interactive. You must mark one of the answers to the proposed question, and, at last, you will be able to verify the correctness of all your responses.

The Test is displayed in your browser, we check the functionality in the Opera browser, and all the features were correctly enabled.

You can access the test through this address:


In the frontpage click ‘Test di Patrologia’ and immediately you will be able to answer the questions.

Poujoulat. Lettres de Saint Augustin. 1858.

Originally divided in 4 séries, Poujoulat translated to French the Letters of St. Augustin.

The contents of the 4 Volumes available in Internet Archive, are the next:

  1. Première série. Lettres écrites par Saint Augustin avant sa promotion a l’Épiscopat. Lettres 1-XXX.
  2. Deuxième série. Lettres écrites par Saint Augustin depuis sa promotion a l’Épiscopat, en 396, jusq’à la Conférence de Carthage, en 410. Lettres XXXI-CXXIII.
  3. Troisième série. Lettres écrites depuis l’anée de la Conférence de Carthage, en 411, jusqu’à sa mort, en 450. Lettres CXXIV-CCXXXI.
  4. Quatrième série. Lettres sans date. Lettres CCXXXI-CCLXX. Lettres sans date.

Available here:

Saint Augustin. Œuvres Complètes [Poujoulat, Raulx, Eds.]. 1864.

Finally, the edition of Poujoulat-Raulx of Saint Augustin, Œuvres Complètes, is totally available in Internet Archive.

This edition count 17 items, the last added were the nos. 6 and 14, taken of the University of Ottawa collection.

You can access this work in our Scribd account, or directly through Internet Archive [University of Ottawa Digitazion] and the PIMS digitized collection.

Bibliotheca Pretiosa: Site map.

We are working to improve the Bibiotheca Pretiosa service, now adding a Site map.

The big adjustments done the last weeks will allow us to expand and add new collections and series, please update your incoming links/bookmarks.

The actual site map -now updated- is available here:




Atte.: The administrators.


Bibliotheca Pretiosa: new additions.

The PLGO Community is adding some contents to the Bibliotheca Pretiosa.

Our goal is provide, through our own server & domain, all the contents available in the Scribd account. At this time, the items available through the Scribd service count 4,287, between books and articles, in the future, we hope all of them will be available too in the Bibliotheca Pretiosa.

The last additions recently done:

Atte.: The administrators.

January 18. Against SOPA-PIPA: PLGO.org goes black.

In order to support the protests against the SOPA-PIPA initiatives, our main website will show a black banner, where two links provide the opportunity to get involved in the sign of some petitions to US representatives.

In our SCRIBD account, our visitors will find two documents related directly to this issue:

David Carr. The Danger of an Attack on Piracy Online – NYTimes. 2012.

The Next Killer App?

We are doing our part. And you?

Cramer. Catenae Graecorum patrum in Novum Testamentum. 1844.

Previously noticed here, now added to our Scribd account:

Documents. CSCO at Internet Archive.

In the last months, the Internet Archive service has been adding spared items from the CSCO.

They belong to different series, and do not have -at the present- a serial order.

The PLGO Community has worked in the creation of a collection, where the available items will be added as they appear or be released.

Thanks to P. Stefan Zara, to Claudiu B. Razvan, and Philipos, who was working in the recollection of these items.

Francisco Arriaga.

It costs a lot to be free: Internet Archive.

What We Do

Internet Archive is working towards the goal of Universal Access to All Knowledge.

We digitize books, collect video, music and the World Wide Web, and take contributions of digital media from anyone who would like their materials preserved.

We provide access to these vast collections to millions of people each day. All for free.

Thank you for your support.

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Commentary. John Cooper. Noteworthy Lectures (11.28.11)

Today, Ryan Clevenger announced in his blog the Lectures of John Cooper “delivered the John Locke Lectures at Oxford this year on “Ancient Greek Philosophy as a Way of Life” examining four ancient philosophies: Socrates, Aristotelianism, Stoicism, and Platonism (mostly on Plotinus).”

The 4 readings are available as audio files, directly from the Oxford University.

As the same Clevenger says, “The last lecture was the most interesting for me as it has the most to bear on our understanding of the intellectual world within which Christianity swam from the 3rd-6th century.”