Patres Quinti Ecclesiæ Sæculi: S. Augustinus. Opera Omnia. [Caillau, Guillon Ed.]. 1835.

Collectio Selecta SS. Ecclesiæ Patrum.

Patres Quinti Ecclesiaæ Sæculi.

S. Augustinus.

Opera Omnia.

Accurantibus A. B. Caillau et M. N. S. Guillon.


Nota: The volumes 16 and 42 was released by the Internet Archive service the June-July 2011 months..  The volume 42 contains the tables of all the collection, among the indices. The Volume 24 has been edited in two parts, both of them available in the list. Volumes taken directly from Internet Archive, and ordinated conveniently through our Scribd account.

The administrators.

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