Comment. Clevenger. A Romp through the History of the Holy Spirit: From Scripture to Athanasius.

Today, Ryan Clevenger deals with this topic: “A Romp through the History of the Holy Spirit”.

This short article is full of biblical quotations, bringing us a very interesting Conclusion:

What we have seen so far is that

  1. the evidence in Scripture is not really as clear as we might want it to be and it demands some sort of reconciliation.
  2. The history up until this point bears that fact out as we see Patristic writers emphasizing specific texts over others and attempting to organize the disparate data. In other words, the issue of the Holy Spirit couldn’t be put off any longer. The debate with the Arians over the nature of the Son forced the question: what about the Holy Spirit? Their task was primarily exegetical, but even then everything had to be brought together. Not as some sort of abstract intellectual speculation, but a fundamental aspect of the life of the Church, of salvation, and of the nature of the God whom we worship.

The full article available here.

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