Why we are here?

The past week a poll was open and closed inside the Patrologia Yahoo’s Group.

The following patrologia poll is now closed. Here are the
final results:

POLL QUESTION: About the off-topic themes, and books and/or materials out from
the principal subject of this group: is better to create a forum, or only is
needed an adjust in the ‘labeling’ method?

– Forum: yes, is needed, 3 votes, 30.00%
– Forum: no, isn’t necessary, 2 votes, 20.00%
– Labeling: is a solution, 5 votes, 50.00%
– Labeling: isn’t a solution, 0 votes, 0.00%

Viewing this result, the ordination and cathegorization -and a new labeling form- about the content existent in this blog was an imperative.

Sadly, Blogger does not allow the creation of Cathegories and the label sistem is completely flat, this means, only show to assign each post an label -or some labels- but the list will include the same post in other labels numbers, and the total of posts crossed was growning, making very difficult to locate quicky and useful any thing in the blog.

Then we migrate all the posts in this blog to here, where we hope to organize and make more accessible to the visitors to acquire the lists, links, books and references all our members are sharing.

At this time, a question remains unresolved: the viability of keep updated our old blog, or the need of delete the whole contain in the next days.

Any oppinion about this subject will be appreciated.



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