Bibliotheca Pretiosa: Error 2048.

Dear Friends:

We’ve noticed an error displaying documents in the pages dynamically generated with the Scribd Api. This due to the usage of the now outdated API V. 1, which must be replaced with the API v. 2, to allow native management of all the HTML5 features.

Among this, we are working to update the lost items due to name changing, revisions updated, and other minor issues which disallow the access to some contents in several collections.

Please apologize us by any disturb. We will notify the updates about the solution of these issues.

The Administrative PLGO Board Team.

UPDATE from Nov. 18, 2015:

The problem has been fixed temporarily. The documents are being displayed as flash-based ones, and are totally manageable through the web page

We are working in a whole migration from flash-viewer to native HTML5 standard.

If you still experiencing any trouble, please contact us.

The Administrative PLGO Board Team.

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