Patrologia Orientalis Tomus I

This day i have uploaded the bind of the Patrologia Orientalis Tomus I to IA.

The item can be directly downloaded here.

Note that:

This binding with the 5 fascicules of the first volume of the Patrologia Orientalis has been realized by the Patrologia’s Group in Yahoo.

Specially i like to thanks Pilipos for share with us the information about the place where the fascicules has been published in the GoogleBooks project.

To view the original items in their respective pages, go to:
Fasc. 1 and 2
Fasc. 3
Fasc. 4
Fasc. 5

The general status of the five fascicules is good, but some pages are borrowed and blur, some other have serious troubles with cut margins. This bind wants only give a general idea of the texts, disposition, arrange, and allow the users to place the quotes and references to this volume, even like an emergency resource.

Please, note the books has not vigent copyright, but Googlebooks have the whole credit for this digitazion.

This item was previously uploaded to Rapidshare, the link for access it is this.

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