Riedel, Crum. The canons of Athanasius of Alexandria. 1904.

The canons of Athanasius of Alexandria.

The Arabic and Coptic versions edited and translated with introductions, notes and appendices


Wilhelm Riedel and W. E. Crum, M. A.

Published for the Text and Translation Society


Williams And Norgate 14,

Henrietta Street,

Covent Garden,

London and 4, Broad Street,

Oxford 1904

Author: Athanasius, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, d. 373; Riedel, Wilhelm, 1871-; Crum, W. E. (Walter Ewing), 1865-1944 Subject: Church orders, Ancient; Clergy — Office; Clergy — onduct of life; Arabic language — Texts and translations; Coptic language — Texts and translations Publisher: London, Pub. for the Text and translation society, by Williams and Norgate Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT Language: English Call number: AFE-6936 Digitizing sponsor: MSN Book contributor: Robarts – University of Toronto Collection: robarts; toronto

Riedel, Crum. The canons of Athanasius of Alexandria. The Arabic and Coptic versions. 1904.

[Alia Varia] WAM II

Bien, aquí va la lista. No sé cómo estén de fuentes, pero esto se ha añadido por otros varios usuarios.



(WAM) Judaism and Christianity – Vol II – by W O E Oesterly S H Hooke H Loewe E O James.pdf

(WAM) Moses and Geology; Or, The Harmony of The Bible With Science OCR – Samuel Kinns.pdf

(Wam) New Testament Studies Iii ;The Acts Of The Apostles – Adolf Harnack.pdf

(Wam) A Treatise On The Grammar Of New Testament Greek – Georg Benedikt Winer, William Fiddian Moulton.pdf

(WAM) Theological Dictionary of The New Testament (Kittel-Bromiley).chm

(WAM) The Interlinear Literal Translation of the Greek New Testament -Thomas Newberry, George Berry–B72285DF50C0143ED27A63B262DEC8F2–.chm

(WAM) The New Testament In The Original Greek, Textual Criticism by Biblical Numerics – Ivan Panin (1934).pdf

(WAM) Jewish Christians And Judaism – A Study In The History Of The First Two Centuries By W. R. Sorley.pdf

(WAM) The Interlinear Literal Greek New Testament.pdf

(WAM) The Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri Descriptions and Texts of Twelve Manuscripts on Papyrus of The Greek Bible – Fredric G. Kenyon.pdf

(WAM) Greek-English Study NT – A Conservative Version Ennglish with the Byzantine-Majority Textform Original Greek.pdf

(Wam) A New Interpretation Of The Third Chapter Of Genesis, Viewed In Connexion With Other Parts Of The Bible.pdf

(WAM) A Greek Grammar of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature – F. Blass, A. Debrunner (R. Funk).pdf

(WAM) Ancient Hebrew Social Life and Custom As Indicated in Law, Narrative and Metaphor (1933).pdf

(WAM) A First Greek Course – William Smith.pdf

(WAM) An Intermediate Greek-English Lexicon – H G Liddell and R Scott.chm

(WAM) Psalter – 1640 AD – Complete Book of Psalms.pdf

(WAM) A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in the Light of Historical Research – A. T. Robertson.pdf

(WAM) Homeric Greek for Beginners – Clyde Pharr.pdf

(WAM) First Greek Book – John J. White.pdf

(WAM) Doctrinal Theology – Heinrich Schmid (1811-1885).pdf

(WAM) The Books of Andrew Murray.pdf

(WAM) Greek-English Lexicon Based on Semantic Domains – Johannes P. Louw & Eugene A. Nida.chm

(WAM) Prophecy and Authority; A Study in the History of the Doctrine and Interpretation – John Fletcher Hurst.pdf

(WAM) A Brief Introduction to New Testament Greek – Samuel G. Green.pdf

(Wam) American Tract Society Bible Dictionary – William Rand (1859).pdf

(WAM) Romans Verse-by-Verse – William R Newell.pdf

(WAM) Was the New Testa
ment Really Written in Greek, The Case for Peshita Primacy – Lamsa.pdf

(WAM) What Love Is This – Dave Hunt.pdf

(WAM) Syntax of Moods and Tenses in New Testament – Ernest De Witt Burton.pdf

(Wam) Three Translations Of The Koran Side By Side.pdf

(WAM) Journal of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood – 11-1.pdf

(Wam) Parallel Greek New Testaments – Stephens 1550 (Tr); Scrivener 1894; Byzantine; Westcott & Hort.chm

(WAM) Commentaries – John Calvin.pdf

(WAM) Greek OT (Septuagint LXX) UTF8.chm


(WAM) The TEmple – Its Ministry and Services as They Were at the Time of Christ – Alfred Edersheim (1825-1889).pdf

(WAM) The Legend of Hell; An Explanation of the Idea of Everlasting Punishment With a Chapter on Apocalyptic – Percy Dearmer.pdf

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(Wam) Judaism And Christianity Volume 2 (Text).rtf

(WAM) The Mysteries of Freemasonry.htm

(WAM) On Religion – Speehes to Its Cultured Despisers – Friedrich Schleiermacher.pdf

(WAM) His Life by Barton and Soares and Strong – A Complete Story In The Words of Scripture.pdf

(WAM) Memories of Patmos (A devotional commentary on the book of Revelation All About Jesus) – John MacDuff 1871.txt

(wam) Gladden, Washington – Who Wrote The Bible.pdf

(WAM) The Four Loves – C_S_ Lewis.pdf

(WAM) Back To Genesis – Astrobiology Follow the…(211) – David F.Coppedge – July 06.pdf

(WAM) The Antichrist – Friedrich Wilheim Nietzsche.pdf

(WAM) The Ascent of the Soul -.pdf

(WAM) Christianity and Islam in Spain – C.R.Haines.pdf

(WAM) The Report of the Ad-Interim Committee to Study Freemasonry (1987).pdf

(WAM) The Babylonian Story of the Deluge as Told by Assyrian Tablets from Nineveh – E. A. Wallis Budge 2.pdf

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(Wam) The Talmud In Anti-Semitic Polemics; Debunking The Anti-Semit
ic Claims About The Talmud – Anti-Defamation League.pdf

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(Wam) Pliny And The Christians – William Harris.chm

(WAM) Jesus Death Now Debated By Jews – Eric Greenburg.pdf

(WAM) History of the World – How the Rabbis calculated the age of the world.rtf

[Alia Varia] WAM

Estudios de diversos tipos, fuentes y calidades. He olvidado qué significa literlamente ‘WAM’, creo que era algo así como World Ancient Manuscripts… pero no puedo asegurarlo.

Actualmente en redes ed2k están compartiéndose algunos documentos más con ese mote, conforme vaya descargándolos haré un nuevo archivo para darlos a conocer simultáneamente.



Lista de documentos hasta el momento:

(Wam) – Islam – Errors In The Quran.pdf

(WAM) 216a – How Did Methuselah Die (216) Back To Genesis.pdf

(WAM) A Commentary Upon the Books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel – Moses ben Shesheth, fl. 1190 – S. R. Driver.djvu

(WAM) A Critical History of the Doctrine of a Future Life, In Israel, In Judaism, and In Christianity – R.H. Charles.djvu

(Wam) A Full Collation Of The Codex Sinaiticus With The Received Text Of The New Testament – Frederick H Scrivener.pdf

(WAM) A Handbook of Patrology – The Rev. J. Tixeront.djvu

(WAM) A History Of Christianity – Kenneth Scot Latourette.pdf

(Wam) A History Of New Testament Times In Palestine, 175 B C -70 A D – Shailer Mathews.pdf

(Wam) A Pocket Lexicon To The Greek New Testament – Alexander Souter.djvu

(Wam) A Short History Of The Hebrew Text Of The Old Testament – Thomas Hunter Weir.djvu

(Wam) A Source Book For Ancient Church History – Joseph Cullen Ayer, Jr.djvu

(WAM) A Summary of Biblical Geography and Antiquities – Thomas Hartwell Horne (1780-1862).djvu

(WAM) A Visit to the Holy Land, Egypy and Italy – Ida Pfeiffer.pdf

(Wam) An Ex-Nun’s Testimony – Charlotte Keckler.pdf

(Wam) Ancient Christian Writers; The Works Of The Fathers In Translation No 12 – Johannes Quasten.djvu

(Wam) Ancient Christian Writers; The Works Of The Fathers In Translation No 7 – Johannes Quasten.djvu

(Wam) Ancient Hebrew Thought.pdf

(WAM) Apostolical Church Polity – William Williams, D.D.pdf

(WAM) Aspects of the Christianisation – Peter Brown.pdf

(WAM) Babylonian Talmud – Michael L. Rodkinson.pdf

(WAM) Back to the Bible Code – Dave Hunt.pdf

(WAM) Bible N.T. Greek Text With Critical Apparatus – Eberhard Nestle (1851-1913).djvu

(Wam) Bible Reading In The Early Church – Adolf Harnack.djvu

(WAM) Bible Studies – Adolf Deissmann (1901).pdf

(WAM) Bullinger, E W – Figures of Speech Used in the Bible.pdf

(WAM) Canon and text of the Old Testament – Frants Buhl (1850-1932).djvu

(WAM) Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri P45 3rd Century -.pdf

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(WAM) Codex Bezae; A Study of the So-Called Western Text of the New Testament – J. Rendel Harris (1852-1941).djvu

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(WAM) Critical Edition of the Old Testament Hebrew text In Colors, with Notes – Book of Judges – Paul Haupt (1858-1926).djvu

(WAM) Critical Edition of the Old Testament Hebrew text In Colors, with Notes – Book of Leviticus – Paul Haupt (1858-1926).djvu

(WAM) Critical Edition of the Old Testament Hebrew text In Colors, with Notes – Book of Proverbs – Paul Haupt (1858-1926).djvu

(Wam) Critical Edition Of The Old Testament Hebrew Text In Colors, With Notes – Book Of Samuel – Paul Haupt (1858-1926).djvu

(Wam) Critical Edition Of The Old Testament Hebrew Text In Colors, With Notes – Books Of Kings – Paul Haupt (1858-1926).djvu

(Wam) Death And Beyond – T Selby Henrey.djvu

(WAM) Dictionary of Biblical Imagry.pdf

(Wam) Dispensational Theology — Phillip Heideman, Th M.pdf

(Wam) Dr C Everett Koop’s 1986 Address Before The 14Th General Assembly.pdf

(WAM) Early Church Fathers Vol II.pdf

(WAM) Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties – Gleason Archer.pdf

(WAM) Encyclopedia Of Christian Apologetics – Norman Geisler.pdf

(Wam) Encyclopedia Of Creation Myths (1994).pdf

(Wam) Escatology, The Doctrine Of End Times.pdf

(WAM) Essays On The Primitive Church Offices – Joseph Addison Alexander.pdf

(WAM) Evidence For A Young World – D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D..pdf

(Wam) Expositions Of Holy Scripture; John 1-14 – Alexander Maclaren.pdf

(Wam) Freedom From Sinful Thoughts – J Heinrich Arnold.pdf

(Wam) George Müller Of Bristol – Arthur T Pierson.pdf

(Wam) Gesenius Hebrew Grammar 17Th Ed With – Tr By T J Conant With Grammatical Exercises And A Chrestomathy By The Translator.pdf

(WAM) God in Christ – Horace Bushnell.pdf

(WAM) God’s Two Books Or Plain Facts About Evolution, Geology, and the Bible – George McCready Price.djvu

(Wam) Greek Enchiridian -Elaine Woodward, Marianne Pagos.djvu

(Wam) Greek In A Nutshell; Text – James Strong.pdf

(WAM) Haram Underground Hydraulic System.pdf

(WAM) Herzl, Theodore – The Jewish State.pdf

(WAM) Hislop, Alexander – The Two Babylons.pdf

(WAM) History of the Martyrs of Palestine – Eusebius of Caesarea.pdf

(Wam) Horae Biblicae – Charles Butler (1750-1832).djvu

(WAM) Hymns of the Early Church – John Brownlie.pdf

(WAM) Immortality; An Essay in Discovery, Co-ordinating Scientific, Psychical, and Biblical research – Burnett Hillman Streeter (1874-1937).djvu

(Wam) Introductory Syriac Method And Manual – Robert Dick Wilson.pdf

(Wam) Is The Higher Criticism Scholarly – R D Wilson.pdf

(WAM) Is THEOS Ever Used for Jesus, as it is For The Father.pdf

(WAM) Isaiah 35; Exposition and Biblical Theology – Dr. Robert Asher.pdf

(WAM) Isralology – Part 4 of 6 – Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum.pdf

(WAM) Jerusalem; The Topography Economics And History – George Adam Smith.djvu

(WAM) Jesus Before the Sanhedrim.pdf

(Wam) Jesus In The Talmud – A J.pdf

(Wam) Jewish Sects Of The New Testament Era – Randal A Weiss.pdf

(Wam) Jewish Sects Of The New Testament Era – Randall A Weiss.pdf

(Wam) John – A C Gaebelein.pdf

(Wam) John 1;1 – The Final Clause.pdf

(WAM) Josephus and the New Testament – Steve Mason.pdf

(WAM) Languages of The Old Testament.pdf

(WAM) Law in the New Testament.pdf

(Wam) Learn Aramaic.pdf

(Wam) Life And Times Of Jesus – Alfred Edersheim.pdf

(WAM) Martyrdom of Justin Martyr and His Companions; ed. Otto.pdf

(Wam) Memories Of Patmos (A Devotional Commentary On The Book Of Revelation All About Jesus) – John Macduff 1871.pdf

(WAM) Misunderstood Texts of the Bible – Sir Robert Anderson.pdf

(WAM) Neil Postman – Social Science As Theology (General semantics).pdf

(Wam) New Testament Greek For Beginners – J Gresham Machen (1923).djvu

(Wam) New Testament Greek For Beginners – J Gresham Machen.pdf

(Wam) Nine Facts That Disapprove The Claims About The Lost Tomb Of Jesus – Dr John Ankerberg And Dillon Burroughst.pdf

(WAM) Notes on Epistles of St. Paul from Unpublished Commentaries – Joseph Barber Lightfoot (1828-1889).djvu

(WAM) Old Testament history of redemption lectures – Franz Delitzsch 1813-1890.djvu

(WAM) Old Testament Legends – M. R. James.pdf

(Wam) Old Testament Prophecies Answered By Jesus Life.pdf

(WAM) Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament.pdf

(Wam) Old Testament Textual Criticism, An Introduction.pdf

(Wam) On The Mysteries And The Treatise On The Sacraments – Ambrose.pdf

(Wam) Origin Of Pagan Idolatry, Vol 1.pdf

(WAM) Our Life After Death; Or, The Teaching of the Bible Concerning the Unseen World – Arthur Chambers.djvu

(WAM) Pneumatologia – John Owen.pdf

(Wam) Praying “In My Name” — Dr Curtis Mitchell, Th D.pdf

(WAM) Primitive Piety Revived; Or, The Aggressive Power of the Christian Church. A Premium Essay – Henry Clay Fish – (1855)..djvu

(Wam) Rightly Dividing The Word – C I Scofield.pdf

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(Wam) Salvation – Lewis Sperry.pdf

(Wam) Scripture And Truth, Dissertations – Benjamin Jowett (817-1893).djvu

(Wam) Sermons For The New Life – Horace Bushnell.pdf

(Wam) Sermons In Accents; Or, Studies In The Hebrew Text – John Adams Of Inverkeilor, Scotland.djvu

(Wam) Sermons To The Natural Man.pdf

(Wam) Signs Of The Soon Coming Of The Messiah – William F Dankenbring.pdf

(Wam) Simon Magus An Essay On The Founder Of Simonianism.pdf

(WAM) Sketches of Jewish Social Life – Alfred Edersheim.pdf

(Wam) St John’s Gospel; A Commentary -C R H Lightfoot.djvu

(Wam) St Paul The Traveler And The Roman Citi
zen – W M Ramsay.pdf

(WAM) St Paul, A Study in Social and Religious History – Adolf Deissmann.djvu.djvu

(Wam) St Paul’s First Epistle To Timothy – H P Liddon.djvu

(WAM) Strong – Systematic Theology – Augustus Strong.pdf

(Wam) Studia Biblica Et Ecclesiastica; Essays Chiefly In Biblical And Patristic Criticism – Members Of The University Of Oxford, Vol V.pdf

(WAM) Studies in Dogmatics, The Person Of Christ – G. C. Berkouwer.pdf

(WAM) Superstition In All Ages (1732) – Jean Meslier.pdf

(WAM) Superstition Unveiled – Charles Southwell.pdf

(WAM) Synonyms of the New Testament – Richard Chenevix Trench.djvu

(Wam) Systematic Theology – Wayne Grudem.pdf

(Wam) Testimony Of The Evangelists – Simon Greenleaf.pdf

(Wam) Texts And Studies; Contributions To Biblical And Patristic Literature (Volume 7 Number 1) – J Armitage Robinson (1858-1933).djvu

(Wam) Texts And Studies; Contributions To Biblical And Patristic Literature (Volume 8 Number 1) – J Armitage Robinson (1858-1933).djvu

(WAM) Texts and Studies; Contributions to Biblical and Patristic Literature (Volume 8 Number 2) – J. Armitage Robinson (1858-1933).djvu

(Wam) The Ancient Church – W D Killen.pdf

(Wam) The Ancient Church; Its First Three Hundred Years – W D Killen.pdf

(Wam) The Annals Of The World – Rev James Ussher.pdf

(Wam) The Apocalypse – Lectures On The Book Of Revelation – J A Seiss.pdf

(Wam) The Apocalypse A Series Of Special Lectures On The Revelation Of Jesus Christ With Revised Text – Joseph Augustus Seiss 1823-1904.djvu

(Wam) The Apocalypse Of Baruch – R H Charles.djvu

(Wam) The Apocryphal Scriptures – F L Cross.pdf

(Wam) The Apostolic Fathers; Vol I, Pt 2 Ignatius, Polycarp, 1885 Edition – Joeph Barber Lightfoot.djvu

(Wam) The Apostolic Fathers; Vol Ii, Pt 1 Clement Of Rome, 1890 Edition – Joeph Barber Lightfoot.djvu

(Wam) The Authority Of The Word – Ray C Stedman.pdf

(Wam) The Battle For The Bible – Herman C Hanko.pdf

(Wam) The Berean Call – Dec06.pdf

(Wam) The Berean Call – Sept06.pdf

(WAM) The Bible and Astronomy an Exposition of the Biblical Cosmology, and its Relations to Natural Science – J. H. Kurtz (1809-1890).djvu

(Wam) The Bible And Islam – Henry Preserved Smith.pdf

(WAM) The Bible Book by Book – Josiah Blake Tidwell.pdf

(Wam) The Bible; Wonder Book Of The Ages – Corinne Heline.pdf

(WAM) The Book of Enoch.pdf

(Wam) The Book Of Missionary Heroes -.pdf

(Wam) The Book Of The Dead – Walis Budge.pdf

(Wam) The Causes And Danger Of Slighting Christ And His Gospel.pdf

(WAM) The Chruch in History – Stanford Murrell.pdf

(WAM) The Concept of the Messiah in the Old Testament.pdf

(Wam) The Contribution Of Science To Religion – Shailer Mathews.djvu

(Wam) The Dangers Of Bible Software – David Lang.pdf

(Wam) The Doctrine Of Grace In The Synoptic Gospels – Henry L Townsend.djvu

(WAM) The Doctrine of The Last Things – W.O.E Oesterley.pdf

(WAM) The Doctrine of the Millennium – John F. Walvoord.pdf

(Wam) The Eschatology Of The Gospels – Ernst Von Dobschãtz 1870.djvu

(WAM) The Expository Value Of The Revised Version – George Milligan.djvu

(Wam) The First Church Of Rome.pdf

(Wam) The Future State – S C Gayford.djvu

(WAM) The Gate to the Hebrew, Arabic, and Syriac, Unlocked by a New and Easy Method of Acquiring the Accidence – William Goodhugh.djvu

(WAM) The Geography of the Heavens; and Class Book of Astronomy Accompanied by a Celestial Atlas – Elijah H. Burritt (1794-1838).djvu

(Wam) The God-Idea Of The Ancients.pdf

(Wam) The Gospel And The Church – Alfred Firmin Loisy (1857-1940).djvu

(Wam) The Greek Testament Volume Iv Hebrews Revelation – Henry Alford.djvu

(Wam) The Healing Question – Arno Clemens Gaebelein.pdf

(Wam) The Hebrew Alphabet.pdf

(WAM) The Ignatian Epistles Entirely Spurious – William Dool Killen.pdf

(WAM) The Jesus Narrative In The Talmud – Student Gil.pdf

(WAM) The Jewish and the Christian Messiah; A Study in the Earliest History of Christianity – Vincent Henry Stanton (1846-1924).djvu

(Wam) The Jewish State – A Century Later – Alan Dowty.pdf

(WAM) The Jewish Trinity – Sourcebook – Yoel Natan.pdf

(Wam) The Jews Among The Greeks And Romans – Max Radin.djvu

(WAM) The Language of the New Testament – William Henry Simcox.djvu

(Wam) The Last Times And The Great Consummation, An Ernest Discussion Of Momentous Themes – Joseph A Seiss.djvu

(Wam) The Life And Epistles Of St Paul – W J Conybeare.pdf

(Wam) The Life Of Our Lord – Charles Dickens.pdf

(WAM) The Lord Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God – H.P. Liddon.pdf

(Wam) The Lost Apocrypha Of The Old Testament – M R James.pdf

(Wam) The Mark Of The Christian – Francis Schaeffer.pdf

(Wam) The Marvel Of Nations, Our Country; Its Past, Present, And Future, And What The Scriptures Say Of It – Uriah Smith (1832-1903).djvu

(Wam) The Meaning Of ”prolinoeko” (Foreknowledge) – Thomas R Edgar.pdf

(WAM) The Messiah Idea in Jewish History – Julius Hillel Greenstone (1873-1955).djvu

(WAM) The Middle Voice in The New Testament.pdf

(Wam) The Names Of Jesus.pdf

(Wam) The Nature Of Scripture – Arthur S Peake (1865-1929).djvu

(Wam) The Negro A Menace To American Civilization – R W Shufeldt, M D.pdf

(Wam) The New Testament Idea Of Hell – S M Merrill.pdf

(Wam) The New Testament Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ, In The Original Greek (Volume 2) – Christopher Wordsworth (1807-1885).djvu

(Wam) The Old Testament Messianic Hope – Hp Liddon.pdf

(Wam) The Organization Of The Early Christian Churches; Eight Lectures, 1881 – Edwin Hatch (1835-1889).djvu

(WAM) The Origins of the New Testament – Alfred Firmin Loisy.pdf

(WAM) The Oxyrhynchus Logia and the Apocryphal Gospels – Charles Taylor.pdf

(WAM) The Parables of Jesus – Philip Coghlan.djvu

(WAM) The Philology of the Greek Bible, Its Present and Future, – Adolf Deissmann (1866-1937).djvu

(Wam) The Primitive Church And The Primacy Of Rome.pdf

(WAM) The Primitive Church Studied With Special Reference To The Origins Of The Christian Ministry – Burnett Hillman Streeter.djvu

(WAM) The Prophecies of the Old Testament – John Gill.pdf

(WAM) The Psalms – Translated and Explained – J.A. Alexander.djvu

(Wam) The Relations Between Science And Religion – Henry Calderwood.pdf

(Wam) The Remarkable Robert Dick Wilsont.pdf

(Wam) The Rending Of The Temple Veil – Robert L Plummer.pdf

(Wam) The Rent Veil.pdf

(Wam) The Rosetta Stone – Hebrew I.pdf

(Wam) The Samaritan Israleites And Their Religion.pdf

(Wam) The Self-Revelation Of Our Lord – , John Carlyon Vavasor Durell.djvu

(Wam) The Silence Of God – Sir Robert Anderson (1841-1918) Djvu.djvu

(Wam) The Sword And The Garment – Luther Tracy Townsend (1838-1922).djvu

(WAM) The Talmud & Jesus Christ.pdf

(Wam) The Temple—Its Ministry And Services – Alfred Edersheim.pdf

(WAM) The Text and Canon of the New Testament – Alexander Souter.pdf

(Wam) The Theology Of Christs Teaching – Rev John M King.djvu

(Wam) The Three Epistles Of Cyril Of Alexandria.djvu

(WAM) The Trial of Jesus From a Lawyer’s Standpoint – Walter M. Chandler.djvu

(Wam) The True Divinity Of Jesus Christ – John Branard.djvu

(WAM) The Witness Of The Stars – E W Bullinger.djvu

(WAM) The Words of Jesus Considered in the Light of Post-Biblical Jewish Writings and the Aramaic Language – Gustaf Dalman (1855-1941).djvu

(Wam) The Works Of James Arminius, Vol 3.pdf

(WAM) The_Names_Of_The_HolySpirit[ETowns].pdf

(Wam) Theauthority Of Jesus – G Campbell Morgan.pdf

(Wam) Theologico-Geology, The Teaching Of Scripture Conformation Of The Earths Crust; An Address – Alexander Winchell.djvu

(WAM) Trinitartanism – Lewis Sperry Chafer.pdf

(Wam) Twenty-Five Village Sermons – Charles Kingsley.pdf

(WAM) Was Christ Born in Bethlehem – W.M. Ramsay.pdf

(Wam) What Is The Truth About Jesus Christ – Friedrich Loofs.djvu

(WAM) When Were our Gospels Written – Constantine Tischendorf.pdf

(WAM) Who Wrote the Bible – Washington Gladden-(1).pdf

(WAM) Who Wrote the Bible – Washington Gladden.pdf

(Wam) Why Do Sinners Hate Christ – Charles G Finney.pdf

(Wam) William Apostolical Church Polity – William Williams.pdf

(WAM) Wuests Word Studies in the Greek New Testament – Kenneth S. Wuest.pdf

(WAM). New Testament From Sinaitic Manuscript – H.T. Anderson.pdf

Orientalis Linguistica – Pars II

Como complemento a los enlaces de gramáticas siria y copta, adjunto otros para descargas de fuentes:



Ad syriacae copticaeque grammaticarum vincula infra complenda, typorum extractis alia adiungo.





[USEFUL HINTS] Gallica – Nomenclaturas (Parte 2)

Como complemento a lo indicado por Greg, los últimos dos números en el nombre de los archivos descargados desde este estupendo sitio representan las páginas de inicio y fin.
Esto lo descubrí cuando quise descargar un archivo de gran peso, y tenía un módem de 56KB en casa. No me quedaba otra alternativa más que partir en dos o más partes el archivo, y luego las juntaba con el Adobe. En verdad que pensaron en todo los muchachos de Gallica.

Ad infra dictum a Greg complendum, ultimi duo numeri in extractorum ex hoc extraordinario loco scaporum nomine describunt initii et finis paginas.
Hoc inveni quando onerossisimum scapum extrahere volui atque domi mei transmodulatrum de 56 KO mihi erat. Solutio unica in duas vel plures partes scapum dividere et postea cum Adobe iungere fuit.
Viri ex Gallica omnia veritate cogitaverunt.

Orientalis Linguistica

Saludos a todos. Como amante de la lingüística y filólogo de pasatiempo, considero mi deber el llenar un vacío en lo tocante a las lenguas orientales: consignar tanto un buen diccionario como una buena gramática. Por ello adjunto enlaces de Internet y de los que tengo en mi disco duro para una mayor comprensión de los textos:

Tancredus omnibus sal.
Linguisticae amans et paucis momentis liberis philologus, officium mihi vacuum ad linguas orientales supplere considero: et bonum dictionarium et bonam grammaticam ascribere. Quo non solum interretaria vincula set etiam in disco duro mei pro maiore textorum comprehensione adiungo.
Spero ut utilissima vobis sint.

Athanasii Kilcheri Lingua Aegyptiaca
Compendious Syriac Dictionary – Payne Smith
Syriac Aramaic Grammar – Nestle
Syriac Aramaic Grammar with Reading Lessons – Bar Hebraeus
Syriac Aramaic Grammar – Manna
A Coptic Dictionary – Crum

An Introductory Coptic Grammar (Sahidic Dialect) – Plumley

[Useful Files] Bibliothèque Hagiographique – 5 Vols.

Encontré en Gallica los -al parecer- primeros 5 volúmenes de la Bibliothèque Hagiographique, son los siguientes:

Vie et office de saint Euthyme le jeune / texte grec publ. par le R. P. Louis Petit, … – 1904 See full record Add to your collection

Extract :

Description : Collection : Bibliothèque hagiographique orientale ; 5

Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Philosophie, histoire, sciences de l’homme, 8-H-1891 (5)

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Vie et office de Michel le Maléinote / [par Théophane]. [Suivis du] Traité ascétique de Basile le Maléinote / texte grec publ. par Louis Petit,… – 1903 See full record Add to your collection

Extract :

Description : Collection : Bibliothèque hagiographique orientale ; 4

Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Philosophie, histoire, sciences de l’homme, 8-H-1891 (4)

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Vie de Jean Bar Aphtonia / texte syriaque publ. et trad. par F. Nau – 1902 See full record Add to your collection

Extract :

Description : Collection : Bibliothèque hagiographique orientale ; 2

Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Philosophie, histoire, sciences de l’homme, 8-H-1891 (2)

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Vie et récits de l’abbé Daniel le Scétiote (VIe siècle) / texte grec publ. par Léon Clugnet, texte syriaque publ. par F. Nau, texte copte publ. par Ignazio Guidi – 1901 See full record Add to your collection

Extract :

Description : Collection : Bibliothèque hagiographique orientale ; 1

Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Philosophie, histoire, sciences de l’homme, 8-H-1891 (1)

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Extract :

Description : Collection : Bibliothèque hagiographique orientale ; 3

Bibliothèque nationale de France, département Philosophie, histoire, sciences de l’homme, 8-H-1891 (3)

En cuanto los tenga descargados en sus formatos pdf publicaré los links.


Patrologia Græco-latina: otra edición

Muy semejante al proyecto de la Reltech, ‘Rosetta’, esta digitalización ofrece como un bonus la integración de la interfaz ‘Babel’, que permite organizar archivos y consultas personalizadas, con el fin de permitir al usuario tener a mano los títulos y textos de la obra que más le interesan.

Todo -consultas, búsquedas- se realiza en ‘modo de imagen’.

El precio es muy semejante al de la casa Reltech: 264.50 euros más VAT.

[Alia Varia] Kepler – Opera Omnia

Alia varia: obras que no se relacionan directa -quizá tampoco indirectamente- con el tema de este sitio, mas espero que a alguien puedan resultar útiles.

En esta ocasión, en Gallica: Kepler, Opera Omnia.

Type : texte imprimé, monographie
Auteur(s) : Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630)
Titre(s) : Joannis Kepleri,… Opera omnia [Texte imprimé] / edidit Ch. Frisch…
Publication : Frankofurti a. M. ; Erlangae : Heyder et Zimmer, 1858-1871
Description matérielle : 8 vol. : fig. et pl. ; gr. in-8

Autre(s) auteur(s) : Frisch, Christian (1807-1882). Éditeur scientifique
Sujet(s) : Astronomie

Notice n° : FRBNF30678038

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El famoso Somnivm, seu opvs posthvmvm de astronomia lvnari, también puede ser consultado aquí:

Type : texte imprimé, monographie
Auteur(s) : Kepler, Johannes (1571-1630)
Titre(s) : Joh. Keppleri,… Somnium, seu Opus posthumum de astronomia lunari [Texte imprimé], divulgatum a M. Ludovico Kepplero,…
Publication : Impressum partim Sagani Silesiorum, absolutum Francofurti : sumptibus haeredum authoris, 1634
Description matérielle : II-184 p. ; in-4

Autre(s) auteur(s) : Kepler, Ludwig. Éditeur scientifique

Notice n° : FRBNF30678067

_________________________ Sous-notice [1] _________________________

Auteur(s) : Plutarque (0046?-0120?)
Titre(s) : Libellus de facie quae in orbe lunae apparet

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[USEFUL HINTS] Gallica – nomenclaturas

Amén de la funcionalidad de enviar archivos de tamaños más o menos grandes al servidor ftp, permitiendo su descarga a pausas con cualquier gestor de descargas, el servicio de nomenclatura que aparece en cada pdf o conjunto de imágenes .tiff es súmamente útil para localizar contenidos en la database propia de la biblioteca.

La primer serie de números [en el ejemplo el archivo y ruta completa son: ftp://ftp.bnf.fr/009/NO094911_PDF_1_530.pdf] pertenece a la etiqueta propia del volúmen a consultar dentro del catálogo general.

Aquí se trata del volumen 094911.

Lo siguiente es la extensión misma o formato del contenido, vemos que se trata, en este caso, de un archivo PDF. El número al final no es otra cosa que el número de páginas de que consta el documento, seguido por la extensión propia del archivo.

Método muy útil, y terriblemente sencillo, me llevó un par de días conocer su funcionamiento.

Espero que a alguien pueda serle útil esta información.


L'Orient Chrétien au IVe siècle

Pour un chrétien qu’est ce que Dieu ?

L’instigateur du trouble qui a ébranlé la chrétienté pendant tout ce siècle est un prêtre du diocèse d’Alexandrie nommé Arius. Sa contestation de la divinité du Christ a eu un énorme retentissement et son influence s’est prolongée bien après sa mort. Elle perdure si on en croit l’article paru récemment dans un quotidien qui est intitulé : “Le retour d’Arius”. On peut lire :

“L’un des grands problèmes actuels auquel l’Eglise se trouve confrontée serait rarianisme, estime le Secrétaire d’Etat du Saint Siège… Selon le cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, beaucoup considèrent le Christ comme seulement un grand homme. Si l’on en vient à mettre en discussion la divinité du Christ, on remet en cause les bases du christianisme, souligne-t-il, en rappelant l’hérésie arienne … Après avoir évoqué le soutien qu’a apporté un livre comme Da Vinci code à une certaine théologie qui remet en cause la divinité du Christ unique Sauveur, il poursuit : II est donc nécessaire pour l’Eglise de retourner à une foi christologique centrée sur le visage du Christ”.

Pourtant l’arianisme au IVème siècle n’a pas eu pour l’Eglise que des effets négatifs. La remise en cause des fondements de la foi a conduit à un approfondissement, notamment en donnant plus de rigueur à l’expression du dogme trinitaire. A cette oeuvre se sont appliqués des hommes de tout premier plan que l’Eglise vénère comme les docteurs de la Foi.

Disponible en el Cercle Catholique Syriaque, esta conferencia, dictada por Mr. Christian Mesnard, puede se escuchada en línea, o guardada al disco duro. Un extracto bastante exacto de la misma se encuentra en el sitio, y ofrece una visión detallada y súmamente útil para apreciar mejor la conferencia completa.

Del mismo autor, también en el mismo sitio se encuentra un estudio titulado Les Syriaques, du Christ à Mohammed”, que puede servir como un complemento de la conferencia anterior, y también como una magnífica introducción al tema, por su discurrir cronológico.