The Fathers of the Church. A new translation.

This valuable work is being shared some months ago through services as Internet Archive or some particular persons in blogs or personal websites.

Our goal regarding this Collection is provide an useful list with the volumes available, in a single place and conveniently labeled.

Doing this, we help to preserve the accessibility to these contents, very useful to students, researchers and the general public.

But, we must warn the follow:

1- The PLGO Community has not digitized any volume of this collection. This mean, the PLGO Community do not scan, bind, or convert to pdf any volume provided in the list which can be viewed infra.

2.- The volumes included in the named list can [and must] be suppressed without any previous notice, if there’s around any volume any legal issue, warning or direct request to retire those contents.

3.- If the original publishers/websites -through IA or personal websites- retire those contents, we must do the same.

Atte.: The administrators.

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