Dizionario di erudizione storico-ecclesiastica

From Google Books i found an interesant dictionary in italian language that contains important informations since Pope S. Pierto to present…..

This link: Dizionario di erudizione storico-ecclesiastica had 112 books and  103 full view’d avaible books, a complete alphabetical dictionary with a large stuff of terms from Vatican/Catholic Church.

Please note that for those ho dont have acces by the www.books.google.com can view the index and the links of these vols via Internet Archive (with additional 6 vols of indexes), but note that are the same GB edition :D, only you can download them without anonymous proxy :D

This days i hope to confirm the number of vols from this dictionary..but from the 25 vols now downloaded i see that is a comprehensive work :D

P.S. Note that i start to search the term: “camerlengo”, inspired from the movie released into the 15th may of 2009: “Angels and Demons” :D a story of known’d now: Dan Brown book’s with the same title :)…so from a “movie-jooke” i found this collection!

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