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Revue de l’Orient Latin. 1893-1902.

Due to some changes and adjustments in our collections, the past November 23, 2012, some documents were deleted in various collections, some of them being deleted completely.

Between these, the 9 volumes of the ‘Revue de l’Orient Latin’ disappear, letting empty such collection.

We have re-uploaded all 9 volumes, and now they are again on line, and open to public read.

In the next days we will work on the ‘Scriptorum Veterum Nova Collectio‘, damaged too in such date.

Nota: the ‘Revue de l’Orient Latin’ were digitized by Gallica, and may be accessed directly through this link:’orient+latin.langFR

Un aliciente para seguir trabajando. 2’000,000 de visitas.

El día de hoy, las colecciones que hemos puesto a disposición de visitantes y de la Comunidad Académica en general, está llegando a los 2 millones de visitas.

Una cifra nada desdeñable, sobre todo en el medio en el cual realizamos nuestras labores: La Patrología.

4,348 ítems registrados, y 742 seguidores.




El año 2012 ha sido decisivo, y todo un reto a sortear por la comunidad PLGO. Hemos sufrido ataques, amenazas, como pocas veces antes se incrementó el spam, y todo ello ocasionó un fuerte deterioro tanto en los proyectos como en la vida misma de la comunidad PLGO en sus diferentes áreas.

Nos abruma principalmente la incertidumbre de sabernos en manos caprichosas, precisamente las de quienes nos proveen de hosting, quienes han dejado muy en claro su intención de ‘mantenernos en la mira’, y pendientes de cualquier ‘falta’ que contravenga sus intereses: el dinero.

Quieren, a como dé lugar, que paguemos más, que rentemos y solicitemos el uso de un servidor dedicado. Lo cual queda fuera de nuestras posibilidades, y no entra en nuestros planes ni siquiera como una opción a mediano o largo plazo. Por tanto, habremos de seguir trabajando con lo que tenemos a la mano, haciendo nuestra labor lo mejor que podemos, y sobre todo, sabiendo que cualquier empresa dejada en las manos de los hombres tarde que temprano llegará a su fin. Si algo bueno hay en todo esto que pueda ayudar a quienes requieren algún tipo de información, esperamos que sea un mérito, el mínimo entre todos, cuando el Padre nos llame a dar cuentas al final de nuestros días sobre este mundo.

Así, pues, tomamos este hecho quizá intrascendente, como un aliciente para seguir adelante, y no desfallecer aunque el horizonte no parezca despoblado de nubarrones y relámpagos y centellas.

Felicidades a todos y cada uno de los miembros que conforman la comunidad PLGO, y sobre todo, a los visitantes quienes hacen posible que proyectos como el de la biblioteca en línea a través de Scribd, sean mucho más que un mero conglomerado de e-books: un proyecto útil que sirve de la mejor manera posible a la comunidad en general.

Francisco Arriaga.
Miembro del Equipo de Administradores de la Comunidad PLGO.

1,000,000 of reasons to say: Thank you!

Dear Friends:

Since the beginning of the PLGO Community, our main intention was provide useful tools and contents to our members, visitors and friends.

This involves a lot of work, and finally the effort of all and each one member of our community.

Starting the online library project in Scribd, we was creating a valuable resource, today visited and known by the academical community, as a rich and a serious source of materials.

This can be only reached with your valuable comments, suggestions and contributions to such project: today we are reaching 1,000,000 of document views, in in only 20 months.

We are sure that we are in the right path. We will still working and looking to increase the strong of our Community as a productive entity, and now seems more realizable to reach our propose to provide a 10,000 volumes online library, to the public the 2015 year.

Thanks Dear Friends, to all of you!

The administrators.

Griechische Christliche Schriftsteller: Some updates in our Scribd collection.

Published the October 28, 2010, the collection regarding the Griechische Christliche Schriftsteller was assembled with few items, mainly taken from Google Books service, and some other from Internet Archive.
This week, some other volumes, belonging to the PIMS digitazions has been added too, increasing the number of volumes directly available to read and consult.

The items added are [not sorted in any way]:


  1. GCS 24 Eusebius Werke VII/1. Hieronymi chronicon (1. Aufl. 1913: Rudolf Helm)
  2. GCS 23 Eusebius Werke VI. Demonstratio euangelica (1. Aufl. 1913: Ivar A. Heikel)
  3. GCS 20 Eusebius Werke V. Die Chronik, aus dem Armenischen übersetzt (1. Aufl. 1911: Josef Karst)
  4. GCS 14 Eusebius Werke IV. Contra Marcellum, De ecclesiastica theologia (1. Aufl. 1906: Erich Klostermann)
  5. GCS 11/1 Eusebius Werke III/1. Onomasticon (1. Aufl. 1904: Erich Klostermann)
  6. GCS 9/1 Eusebius Werke II/1. Historia ecclesiastica (1. Aufl. 1903: Eduard Schwartz/Theodor Mommsen)
  7. GCS 19 Theodoretus Cyri, Historia ecclesiastica (1. Aufl. 1911: Léon Parmentier)
  8. GCS 27 Methodius, Olympius, Werke (1. Aufl. 1917: Georg Nathanael Bonwetsch)
  9. GCS 4 Anonymus (Adamantius). De recta in Deum fide (1. Aufl. 1901: W.H. van de Sande Bakhuyzen)
  10. GCS 16 Hegemonius, Acta Archelai (1. Aufl. 1906: Charles Henry Beeson)
  11. GCS 18 Die Esra- Apokalypse I (IV. Esra) (1. Aufl. 1910: Bruno Violet)
  12. GCS 31 Epiphanius II. Panarion haer. 34-64 (1. Aufl. 1922: Karl Holl)
  13. GCS 25 Epiphanius I. Ancoratus und Panarion haer. 1-33 (1. Aufl. 1915: Karl Holl)


The Community will be working updating the list available here.

Ponce de León. Tou Hagiou Patros hemon Epiphaniou, episkopou Konstanteias Kyprou, Peri ton physiologon; Ad physiologum; In die festo palmarum sermo. 1587.


Tou Hagiou Patros hemon Epiphaniou, episkopou Konstanteias Kyprou, Peri ton physiologon; tou autou Eis ta baia logos. Sancti patris nostri Epiphanii, Episcopi Constantiae Cypri, Ad physiologum; Eiusdem In die festo palmarum sermo (1587)

Author: Epiphanius, Saint, Bishop of Constantia in Cyprus, ca. 310-403; Ponce de León, Gonzalo, b. 1530; Epiphanius, Saint, Bp. of Constantia in Cyprus. Eis ta baia logos. Latin & Greek
Subject: Zoology
Publisher: Romae, Apud Zannettum et Ruffinellum
Possible copyright status: NOT_IN_COPYRIGHT
Language: Latin; Ancient Greek
Call number: 29620
Digitizing sponsor: Sloan Foundation
Book contributor: Research Library, The Getty Research Institute
Collection: getty; americana
Notes: No table of contents. Irregular pagination. Misprinted page numbers and/or pages bound out of order. Foxing. Narrow margins. Gutter included to avoid cropping text.


The 2nd-century Physiologus was wrongly attributed to Epiphanius. It served as a source for emblem writers; see Praz

Zanetti-Ruffinelli device on t.-p. (flower). Engraved port. of Epiphanius, b4v; according to the engraved legend beneath, it was copied by Joannes Adolus from an image in the Sula monastery, Constantinople. Woodcut ill. of animals, insects, birds. Head- and tail-pieces. Initials

Mortimer, R. Italian 16th-cent.

Praz, M. Emblem books

In Getty copy, a second impression of gathering O is bound in after N

Binding: later vellum. Page edges mottled red

Mounted above center of front paste down is label of Hans W. Taeuber

Ponce de León. Tou Hagiou Patros hemon Epiphaniou, episkopou Konstanteias Kyprou, Peri ton physiologon; Ad …

Saint Augustin. Œuvres Complètes [Poujoulat, Raulx, Eds.]. 1864.

Finally, the edition of Poujoulat-Raulx of Saint Augustin, Œuvres Complètes, is totally available in Internet Archive.

This edition count 17 items, the last added were the nos. 6 and 14, taken of the University of Ottawa collection.

You can access this work in our Scribd account, or directly through Internet Archive [University of Ottawa Digitazion] and the PIMS digitized collection.

Bibliotheca Pretiosa: new additions.

The PLGO Community is adding some contents to the Bibliotheca Pretiosa.

Our goal is provide, through our own server & domain, all the contents available in the Scribd account. At this time, the items available through the Scribd service count 4,287, between books and articles, in the future, we hope all of them will be available too in the Bibliotheca Pretiosa.

The last additions recently done:

Atte.: The administrators.

January 18. Against SOPA-PIPA: goes black.

In order to support the protests against the SOPA-PIPA initiatives, our main website will show a black banner, where two links provide the opportunity to get involved in the sign of some petitions to US representatives.

In our SCRIBD account, our visitors will find two documents related directly to this issue:

David Carr. The Danger of an Attack on Piracy Online – NYTimes. 2012.

The Next Killer App?

We are doing our part. And you?

Cramer. Catenae Graecorum patrum in Novum Testamentum. 1844.

Previously noticed here, now added to our Scribd account: