Rauer. [GCS 35] Origenes Werke Bd. IX: Die Homilien zu Lukas in der Übersetzung des Hieronymus und die griechischen Reste der Homilien und des Lukas-Kommentars. 1930.

Origenes Werke Bd.9

Die Homilien zu Lukas

in der Übersetzung des Hieronymus


Die Griechischen Reste der Homilien

und des Lukas-Kommentars

Provenance: Wielkopolska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
Publisher: J. C. Hinrichs Leipzig
Identifier: oai:www.wbc.poznan.pl:137915
Institution: Wielkopolska Biblioteka Cyfrowa
Provider: Federacja Bibliotek Cyfrowych
Providing Country: Poland
First Published In Europeana: 2014-07-13
Last Updated In Europeana: 2017-04-29

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The volume 8 is available in this previous post. All the other are gathered here.

Origenes Werke Bd. VIII

Baehrens. [GCS 33]. Origenes Werke Bd. VIII: Homilien zu Samuel I, zum Hohelied und zu den Propheten. 1925.

Origenes Werke Bd. VIII:

Homilien zu Samuel I, zum Hohelied und zu den Propheten.

Kommentar zum Hohelied, in Rufins und Hieronymus’ Übersetzung.

(GCS 33).


Author: Origen; Baehrens, Wilhelm A., 1885-1929
Publication date 1925
Usage http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/
Topics Patrology, Origen, Bible, genealogy
Publisher J.C. Hinrichs
Collection opensource
Language Latin
Volume 33

The thirty-third volume of Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller, usually abbreviated GCS and also known as the Berlin Corpus. This volume is also the eighth volume of the GCS’s series on Origen, containing Latin translations (by St. Jerome or Rufinus) of his homilies on Song of Songs, 1 Samuel, and several other prophets as well as his Commentary on the Song of Songs.

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The first 7 volumes of the Origenes Werke can be accessed in this previous post.

Griechische Christliche Schriftsteller: Some updates in our Scribd collection.

Published the October 28, 2010, the collection regarding the Griechische Christliche Schriftsteller was assembled with few items, mainly taken from Google Books service, and some other from Internet Archive.
This week, some other volumes, belonging to the PIMS digitazions has been added too, increasing the number of volumes directly available to read and consult.

The items added are [not sorted in any way]:


  1. GCS 24 Eusebius Werke VII/1. Hieronymi chronicon (1. Aufl. 1913: Rudolf Helm)
  2. GCS 23 Eusebius Werke VI. Demonstratio euangelica (1. Aufl. 1913: Ivar A. Heikel)
  3. GCS 20 Eusebius Werke V. Die Chronik, aus dem Armenischen übersetzt (1. Aufl. 1911: Josef Karst)
  4. GCS 14 Eusebius Werke IV. Contra Marcellum, De ecclesiastica theologia (1. Aufl. 1906: Erich Klostermann)
  5. GCS 11/1 Eusebius Werke III/1. Onomasticon (1. Aufl. 1904: Erich Klostermann)
  6. GCS 9/1 Eusebius Werke II/1. Historia ecclesiastica (1. Aufl. 1903: Eduard Schwartz/Theodor Mommsen)
  7. GCS 19 Theodoretus Cyri, Historia ecclesiastica (1. Aufl. 1911: Léon Parmentier)
  8. GCS 27 Methodius, Olympius, Werke (1. Aufl. 1917: Georg Nathanael Bonwetsch)
  9. GCS 4 Anonymus (Adamantius). De recta in Deum fide (1. Aufl. 1901: W.H. van de Sande Bakhuyzen)
  10. GCS 16 Hegemonius, Acta Archelai (1. Aufl. 1906: Charles Henry Beeson)
  11. GCS 18 Die Esra- Apokalypse I (IV. Esra) (1. Aufl. 1910: Bruno Violet)
  12. GCS 31 Epiphanius II. Panarion haer. 34-64 (1. Aufl. 1922: Karl Holl)
  13. GCS 25 Epiphanius I. Ancoratus und Panarion haer. 1-33 (1. Aufl. 1915: Karl Holl)


The PLGO.org Community will be working updating the list available here.

Klostermann et alii. Eusebius Werke [GCS Ed.]. 1902-19.

Eusebius Werke


Author: Eusebius, of Caesarea, Bishop of Caesarea, ca. 260-ca. 340; Klostermann, Erich, 1870-1963
Subject: Constantine I, Emperor of Rome, d. 337; Christian literature, Early
Publisher: Leipzig : J. C. Hinrichs
Language: Ancient Greek; Latin; German
Call number: ALE-6259
Digitizing sponsor: University of Toronto
Book contributor: PIMS – University of Toronto
Collection: pimslibrary; toronto

Koetschau, Klostermann, Baehrens. Origenes Werke [GCS Ed.]. 1899-19.

The Internet Archive project is digitizing big lots of the GCS series, as alone volumes or specific series/opera omnia.

The works of Origen [the first 7 volumes of Origenes Werke] are now available for the use and consult by the community, and we hope that some other authors will be digitized and added to this great service.

Please note the whole collection -as indexed by Worldcat.org-, include at least 12 titles.

You can find all the available volumes in Archive.org.

Or you can browse and preview all of them in our Bibliotheca Pretiosa.

Die Griechischen Christlichen Schriftsteller.

The past Feb. 18, 2009, we post a notice about some volumes of GCS available in Internet Archive.

Yesterday, we upload and share in Scribd an ordinated list with the volumes available in Googlebooks and Internet Archive services.

Thanks to Claudiu for facilitate us the volumes of GB, and to Pilipos for the work done programming our upload’ script.