American Journal Of Semitic Languages And Literatures.

American Journal Of Semitic Languages And Literatures.

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American Journal Of Semitic Languages And Literatures – Index Vols. XII – XXXVIII



Anecdota Oxoniensia: Semitic Series. 1882-1913.

Anecdota Oxoniensia.
Texts, Documents And Extracts Chiefly From Manuscripts In The Bodleian And Other Oxford Libraries.
Semitic Series.

The Anecdota Oxoniensia comprise materials, chiefly inedited, taken direct from MSS., particularly those preserved in the Bodleian and other Oxford Libraries. These materials fall into five classes: (i) unpublished texts and documents, or extracts therefrom, with or without translations; (2) texts which, although not unpublished, are unknown in the form in which they are to be printed in the Anecdota; (3) texts which, in their published form, are difficult of access through the exceeding rarity of the printed copies; (4) collations of valuable MSS. ; (5) notices and descriptions of certain MSS., or dissertations on the history, nature and value thereof. They are issued in four Series:
I. Classical. II. Semitic. III. Aryan. IV. Mediaeval and Modern.

Part I and Part II

Part I – Commentary On Ezra And Nehemiah By Rabbi Saadiah.
H. J. Mathews.
Part II – The Book of The Bee.
Ernest A. Wallis Budge.

Part III

A Commentary On The Book Of Daniel By Jephet Ibn Ali The Karaite.
D. S. Margoliouth.

Part IV and Part VI

Mediaeval Jewish Chronicles And Chronological Notes
A. D. Neubauer.
Part IV (I) – 1887
Part VI (II) – 1895

Part V

The Palestinian Version Of The Holy Scriptures.
G. H. Gwilliam.

Part VII

The Churches And Monasteries Of Egypt Attributed to Abu Salih, the Armenian.
B. T. A. Evetts; A. J. Butler.

Part VIII And Part IX

Part VIII – The Ethiopic Version Of The Hebrew Book Of Jubilees.
R. H. Charles.
Part IX – Biblical And Patristic Relics Of The Palestinian Syriac Literature.
G. H. Gwilliam; F. C. Burkitt ; J. F. Stenning.

Part X

The Letters Of Abu ‘L-‘Ala of Ma’Arrat Al-Nu’Man.
D. S. Margoliouth.

Part XI

The Ethiopic Book Of Enoch.
R. H. Charles.

Part XII

Theological Texts From Coptic Papyri
W. E. Crum,

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