Böckh. Corpus Inscriptionum Graecarum. 1828-1877.

The past 22 June we announce some links for direct download of this work from some public servers.

Then, a kind friend, Chuck Jones, advise us about the original creators of this digital Corpus, let us and our visitors the possibility of get access to them knowing the original place where they was published.

The former presentation of this work was done through the division in various .pdf archives. But some files have a big size, and this fact difficult considerably the manageability of it’s contents, and the visualization online through services as Scribd.

By this reason, we make some adjustments, dividing the biggest files in smaller pieces, all whose are available in a single collection which is yet viewable online.

Again, thanks to our visitors, and their valuable comments, specially to our friend Chuck.

Note: Yesterday, April 19, 2011, a kind visitor of this site comment us about the 3rd. volume, published unfinished in Scribd. The original files have a really big size, and difficult its use. By this reason, we do ‘little chunks’ of these big files, but keeping the original placement of each page, and only keeping the frontispiece of each volume in the front of each chunk. All the credit for this digitization must be recognized to the digital library of the Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée, Lyon as Chuk Jones notify here.